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Cape Town IT services: tips from the experts

Let's face it - most of us are not computer experts. This is, after all, why we outsource Cape Town IT services, to help us with the management and operations of various computer related issues. They are the ones we call when we need to install a new network, or when a virus has taken down an entire department or even the whole company. They are the ones we call when we need to update our software, or when we are looking for a specific bit of hardware - that is why they are the experts in their field, and why they are the trusted authorities on all things to do with IT services. It goes without saying then that they are the best people to offer expert tips - read on to learn more about expert tips, directly from the Cape Town IT outsourcing masters themselves:

Tip #1: How to deal with a frozen computer

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is a frozen computer. Documents can't be saved, windows can't be closed and not even cntr + Alt + delete seems to help. The best thing to do when this happens is to reboot your computer. While rebooting doesn't solve every issue, it solves many common issues and works like a refresh to clear out any minor issues. Experts advise that this is usually the best thing to try first, and your computer should run normally once it restarts. If the problem still persists however, then you can call in the Cape Town IT services experts to assist.

Tip #2: How to prevent lost passwords and other key log-in details

For IT experts, a large part of the job is relocating lost passwords for essential software. Many people give a password when their network, internet connection, email or other program is being set up, and then months down the line, forget what this password was. The simple solution is to prevent this from happening in the first place by installing a good password keeper software program that stores your passwords safely and securely. Instead of remembering dozens of log-in details, staff only need to remember the one they use for their password keeper, which makes life much easier when new programs are installed or when old programs need to be accessed.

Tip #3: How to prevent computer viruses and keep your computer safe

This is a hugely important issue, and one that staff of a big company especially need to consider, say Cape Town IT outsourcing experts. Think about it like this - in a company of 50 people, it takes just one person to receive an infected email and send it on for the entire company to become infected. Prevention is by far the best option, saving the company a huge deal in damage and stress. Start off by choosing a good anti virus program that should be used by all employees. Regular scans must be done, and any suspicious emails should be deleted. Stricter email rules could also be enforced, to ensure that employees learn how to avoid potentially harmful email forwards.

Try to prevent issues, and call your Cape Town IT services expert when you are not able to solve it yourself.

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Africa

The Continent of Africa is very diverse. There are a lot of unique things to see and do in Africa. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Africa.

10. African Renaissance Monument

African Renaissance StatueCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/attawayjl/5557101948/in/photostream/

The African Renaissance Monument is a tall statue that was designed and built to help promote the African Renaissance movement. The African Renaissance Monument is not as well-known as the "Christ the Redeemer" in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: however a lot of this can be contributed to the fact that the African Renaissance Monument

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Hazwoper 40 Hour Safety Training Course Assists City of Memphis

As the Mississippi River was cresting at a near-record stage, the residents of Memphis, Tennessee braced themselves, for yet another round of rising waters and contamination realities. Today, the facilitators of one of the leading OSHA Hazwoper 40 Hour Safety Training Course providers looks into what these lessons can do to help those affected by not only the waters of the Old Man River, but also of the massive and continual cleanup effort that all flooding leaves in its wake.

Mud Island and O-Town

The Mississippi River began cresting and hit nearly 48 feet early Tuesday and what means for the residents of Shelby county is nothing short of catastrophic. The reality of the day is that there is nowhere to run to when the Mississippi River crest and at such heights as what are happening right now in Mud Island and O-Town.

Watery Toxins

What most people realize and for some have a few unfortunate experiences with, whenever there is a flooding situation and one of this magnitude and breadth, the water is not the only environmental disaster that transpires. The left-over water, even after the last foot of cresting has occurred, is stagnant a mere 24 hours after the moving body of water has passed. The toxins that are created from even the fresh-water Mississippi River have to be dealt with and this is where a course in hazardous cleanup parameters can come in mighty handy.

Tennessee National Guard

The Hazwoper 40 Hour Safety Training Course includes many sections and topics covered on such factors that relate to flooding rivers and other natural as well as man-made occurrences. The massive toxic cleanup effort that is underway, requires that every volunteer, working under the guidance of the Tennessee National Guard and other Federal as well as State agencies, will be required to have at the very least some sort of toxic cleanup education.

Mother Natures Wrath

The reality is that toxins can and do stem from flooding and the cleanup effort does not start and stop at chemical spills and the like. Mother Nature can be quite a wicked old lady and in the month of May, 2011, she is certainly angry at the Midsouth! What needs to be done id what is currently transpiring at this time in the Deep South and that is a virtual exodus of OSHA safety trained workers and volunteers flooding the Mud Island and other Memphis area localities with the PPE suits and safety trained hearts and minds doing battle against one of the most awesome spectacles in the world today, a flooding Mississippi River.

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An African Safari Holiday

An African safari holiday is a great way to unwind. These days everyone can agree that a holiday is very important. In this information age people are constantly busy replying emails and meeting deadlines. It is therefore good to take a break once in a while in order to reset one's self. Africa is one of the best destinations to visit on a holiday. It is a great place to visit because guests to this vast and ancient continent get to view diverse and abundant wildlife. They also get to see beautiful natural landforms that are unique to this part of the world.

Africa stretches from its most northern parts in Egypt which is famous for the Great Pyramids and Pharaoh's all the way down to its most southern point of Cape Town in South Africa which is famous for Table Mountain. Guests to African are sure to be enthralled by seeing the big animals in Africa. The most famous animals that guests from all over the world enjoy seeing when they go on an African safari are the Big Five. The big five of Africa consist of the African lion, the African elephant, the black or white rhino, the leopard and the Cape buffalo. These are the animals that are the most dangerous to humans when encountered out in the wild during a safari package holiday.

Besides seeing the many abundant and beautiful animals that live in Africa, guests to the continent enjoy seeing beautiful landforms that are unique to Africa. For example, the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is a wonderful place to visit. This place is very beautiful and was named by the great explorer who discovered the place, David Livingstone. He named the waterfall after his Queen, Victoria. This waterfall is the largest falling sheet of water in the whole world. This place is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a wonder that can only be truly appreciated in person during a safari package holiday. One of visitor's to this place's favourite activities is to go on the "flight of angels". It was given that name because as David Livingstone first saw these amazing and wonderful natural phenomenon, he reasoned, "scene's so beautiful must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight". Today, guests go on a helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls known as the flight of angels.

In conclusion, guests should go on a safari package holiday to Africa. From here they will forget about all their problems. They are guaranteed to feel refreshed upon return home after their wonderful African safari vacation.


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About Us | Welcome to Our Site

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we have the skills, knowledge and manpower to provide a highly quality service at an affordable price. Covering all of the Cape Town area, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Knowledge Is Power

We are a well established professional company with over 30 years experience within the industry. Our expertise spans over 2 generations and continued success in our core areas has allowed us to continually expand our team and invest in training, qualifications and new technology to provide a service that is truly second to none. We utilize many of the traditional methods of lock picking and safe opening as used for decades but have made strategic advancements into the world of digital locking systems and car transponder keys. With our state of the art technology, we have the necessary equipment to access electronic gates, car locking systems, re-program immobilizers and deal with ignition systems on even the newest of cars.

Experience Meets Quality

We rely on our experience to deliver a job well done. We don't cut corners or use unreliable parts and when we complete a job, its safe in the knowing that's its been done by a qualified expert and we guarantee all work to this degree. The fact that we are able to get a job done right, first time means no unnecessary return visits or expense is required and this saving is naturally passed back to you, our customer. We listen intently to your requirements to make sure that when we arrive to your location, we are fully prepped and stocked to carry out the job in the minimal amount of time and of course, at the best rate!

We are Fully Mobile

As part of our continued focus into new tools and technology, we now have an extremely well equipped fleet of mobile workshops. These workshops not only carry the tools necessary to complete a quality job but also the relevant spares, key blanks, transponder chips and diagnostic kit to tackle any situation while you wait, including the cutting and duplicating of keys regardless of their type, size make or model.

Best Rates Guaranteed

With the finest team of professionals working within our company, we have the ability to offer superior quality at the best rates. We will give you an honest assessment of the work needed and the time we expect it to take and then provide a price that you will find hard to beat elsewhere.The price we quote to you is always the price you pay with no hidden charges added to your bill and no false promises. We strongly believe that there is no situation we cant handle, no lock that we cant pick and no safe that we cant crack. Don't suppress on quality by using under qualified companies to carry out your work, you could end up paying the price. Use a trusted professional with decades of experience - US! For further information, to get a quote or to further discuss your requirements, give us a call today and talk directly to one of our experts on 021 300 7750.


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